Well another week almost over. 2 hours 15 minutes left.

Now it’s 40 or so min.

I’m such an idiot. I watched this stock all day hoping it would go green and when it did I waited to long. I forgot that even though the market closes at 4:00 for some reason they close out expiring options and they closed it out with me in the red. Dam it. I should have taken the gains even though it was only about $25.00 bucks. Now I’m out $40.00. When am I goin to smarten up.

What’s the definition of insanity…


And so it starts. Until yesterday the pollen hadn’t really been bothering me. We I got out of work it was 70+ out so I opened the windows on the truck. Big mistake. I knew I shouldn’t do it. The truck was basically pollen yellow. I’m sure it blew right in the windows. When I got to moms I could feel my nose staring to itch. Got home and used the spray, took a Benadryl before bed, but woke up all stuff and congested. I held off till about 10 min ago at work before taking another pill. …

His table sits at the edge of the dance floor. A double shot of Scotch within easy reach of his hand. He sits facing the dance floor in eager anticipation of things to come. The bar is empty. This performance is just for him….slow throbbing music fills the air. He can feel the beat of the bass pulsing through his blood..(The Zoo was my inspiration for this story). A shadow moves in the dark across the dance floor….he lifts the glass to his lips for a sip. The whiskey leaves a satisfying burn as it moves down his throat.



And BOOM! Sold my SPY this morning for a profit of $238.63!

Placed this trade at the 6th. I could have taken a profit of about $88.00 in the same day but I got distracted and missed the opportunity and stock went up. Then on the 7th it skyrocketed! Yesterday it went down but not enough to put me in the green. This morning it plummeted like a rock! Win for me.

If I’d waited a bit more it probably would have been double that but as usual I was getting antsy and was afraid it would go the…


Clouds out the window this afternoon are picture worthy. Wish I had my camera and could got out on the roof and take a couple of shots. The bottoms are all dark grey, they are big and fluffy on top. They are low enough and that the tops are being hit by sunlight. Makes a nice contrast! I haven’t picked up my camera for anything but E Bay pictures. I still have hundreds that need editing! Some day I’ll get my photo card business going! Can we say lazy ass. G and I were both saying that this weekend…


Another month gone. Does it feel like time is speeding up! LOL! I know I know. There are still 24 hours in a day, but it does seem that time goes a lot faster sometimes. Maybe it’s the fact it doesn’t get dark at 4:30 now!

It’s like the Great Exodus here. I’d say “rats leaving a sinking ship” but they company isn’t in any trouble. I think the total is now 5 people who have left or are leaving to take jobs at the same company. This company just got a big contract from Kraft and they are…


Last day of the month, and pay day to boot! Ye Ha!

Finally broke the 20 LB plateau I’ve been sitting on. Weigh in the AM was 21.4 LB lost! Yeah! Took over 3 months, but I’m not 25 any more so it’s not as easy as it was back then. Now if I can only keep the momentum going.

My problem is there are to many weight loss solutions out there. I’m always thinking the next one will work better. It won’t, I’ve tried them all. So far the lessons on Noom seem to be working. Some of…

Yup I’m a sucker for a Rom~Com. My newest read is by Ilsa Madden~Mills titled Not My Romeo.

I’ve read about 25% of it. I’m hooked.

It’s your basic girl meet boy….. Well it’s more like cute Liberian meets Hot Quarter back of a NFL team.

So Elena is a small town Liberian that has a pig and designs sexy lingerie (think Victoria Secret) who gets set up on a blind date by her BFF. She arrives and finds the guy in the blue shirt, dark hair that’s sitting by himself.

Jack is the Quarter back for the local NFL…


Well another weekend done and gone. I really think that weekends should be 3 days long. In the perfect world they would be 4 but that’s just crazy talk. Who wouldn’t want to work 3 days and have 4 off. If you didn’t care what days you worked you could pick any 3 to work. Lets see would I pick Tue, Wed, Thurs or would I do Mon, Tue, Wed????? Hey I’d be happy with a 40 hour 4 day work week. To bad this doesn’t mesh with my job. …


Hair appointment tomorrow. Time to make the grey go away!

To bad I can’t get my hair to stop falling out as easily as I can get it colored. I’ve noticed the last week or so that I’ve lost more along my hair line again. I hate that it’s “thinning” I’ll say but I’m not really sure what to do about it. I’m pretty sure that I have a thyroid issue. (yup I did one of those at home tests that you send to a lab and it wasn’t good.) I really need to go to the doctor, which…

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