19/100: What happens on vacation, stays on vacation, Baby!

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There we were, my bestie and me. Sun, Sand and hot guys. Me and her always equals trouble in one way or another.

We spent the morning in the shops. Can’t leave with out a few souvenirs. Couple of tacky fridge magnets, I’m good. Now it’s time for some fun. Pool Bar here we come.

Here’s hoping the guys we meet last night are here again. We had some fun with them. Maybe we’ll try switching them. Maybe we’ll try to talk them in to a little group party. Show them what Cougars can do.

We clink our glasses together as we see them arrive. Look around. Spot us. Smile our way as they head towards us.

Looks like its going to be another roller coaster of a night.



20/100: What happens in the neighborhood………

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So you come into my neighborhood. You don’t come to me with respect. You sneak around, hunt my mice. Tip my trashcans, leave a mess. Stalk my pussies. Did you really think there would be no consequences?

Your not the first. You won’t be the last. But you will be a warning to the next Tom that decides that my playground is better than his.

Vinny, Guido…..you know what to do. Make sure there is no trail to follow back here.




A thief, A Billionaire and a Priceless Necklace ~ what more could you want.

Book Cover Photo

I just started this one but so far I’m liking it. (I’ve read this author before and she doesn’t disappoint.)

So for our Heroine has found herself in hot water due to her brother. (brothers can’t live with them, can’t kill them). Any way she’s found herself in a moral conundrum, break the law or let her brother be killed. You know which way she is going.

Then there is the Hero. (who knew there were so many Hot Billionaires in the world. I really need to find me one!) Same old story, grew up poor and worked hard and prospered.

The necklace. Worth a couple Million, our Hero owns it. Our Heroine needs it to get her brother away from the Russian mob…….

Stay tuned………..



17/100: What a bird thinks

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Hum, theirs that dam cat again. He’s really starting to piss me off. Everyday it’s the same old thing. I sit up here, he sits down there. No matter how much I give him the stink eye he doesn’t leave. You would think that he would give up. I never fly down to the seeds while he is around. I can’t wait till she gets home and drags him into the house. I’m really sick of have to wait all day to eat my breakfast!

Oh oh….cars pulling into the yard. Time to put the feed bag on!



16/100: What’s not to love!

They say everything tastes better with bacon!

They would be right! (whoever they are)

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. You can eat it all day long!

Couple of slices with your eggs in the morning. Couple of slices on your sandwich for lunch. A cup of chopped up in your quiche for dinner……

The list is endless!

What’s your favorite way to use BACON?



14/100: So times the wait is worth it and sometimes you pay the price.

The saliva pools in my mouth. I’m surprised I’m no drooling.

The smell is driving me crazy. Nothing else can compare to yeasty smell of raised dough cooking. (Well maybe chocolate chip cookies, but that’s another story.) I open the oven door and peek in. Almost done!

It’s finally out of the oven. The crust is crispy and crunches as the knife slices through it. Cheese is Oye gooey! I lift a slice to my nose and inhale. Herb and cheese and tomato assault my senses. I know it’s hot! But I can’t wait.

Dam it! Burnt the roof of my mouth!

Photo curtesy of King Arthur Flour



13/100: Talk about a walk of Shame.

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As I stumble down the center line, sunrise blossoming in front of me….

I wonder “what the hell happened last night?”

My head is pounding. My mouth like the Shahir, and oddly sore. There’s an ache in my knees and with each step a soreness between my legs gives me a hint of what went on last night.

Dam Whiskey does it to me every time. I hope I had as good a time as my body says I did. I hate when I can’t remember a good fuck!



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