Dear Scarlet


Clouds out the window this afternoon are picture worthy. Wish I had my camera and could got out on the roof and take a couple of shots. The bottoms are all dark grey, they are big and fluffy on top. They are low enough and that the tops are being hit by sunlight. Makes a nice contrast! I haven’t picked up my camera for anything but E Bay pictures. I still have hundreds that need editing! Some day I’ll get my photo card business going! Can we say lazy ass. G and I were both saying that this weekend. There is so much stuff we need to do but we both sit around reading. Ah such is the life of a procrastinator!

Bought mom 4 gallons of ice cream for Mother’s Day. Along with some chocolate sauce and cream so she can make sundaes! She was this is way to much and that in July we could have an ice cream social. It will be gone before then. Who is she kidding. Even though she is eating it in a cone now so that she eats less, when she has a couple of cones each day it probably equals what she would put in a bowl. She is so crazy!

So I need to make a list of everything that I need to do, do 1 thing every day then I will actually get stuff done! Let me tell you it’s goin to be a long list!

Almost done with my Noom study. I can use the soft wear till the end of June then I need to decide if I want to pay to keep using it till I reach my goal or see if I can find a free app to use to keep track of my calories. That’s basically the only thing I want it for. That and keeping track of my exercise. I’ve learned a few new tricks but I still fall back to my old ways once in a while, but I’m still loosing weight so I guess that a Win for me!

Watching the stock market like a Hawk today. I blew it on Thursday. Bought the SPY to go down and it did, but I didn’t sell it fast enough so now I’m watching today hoping it goes down enough so I can sell if off before it expires on Wed. Dumb me! It’s kind of a oxymoron, I want it to go down but when that happens my options that need to go up go down! It’s a catch 22!

Have a couple of stories I’ve started but haven’t finished them to publish yet. I keep rereading them and editing! never happy with what I have. Usual story!




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