And BOOM! Sold my SPY this morning for a profit of $238.63!

Placed this trade at the 6th. I could have taken a profit of about $88.00 in the same day but I got distracted and missed the opportunity and stock went up. Then on the 7th it skyrocketed! Yesterday it went down but not enough to put me in the green. This morning it plummeted like a rock! Win for me.

If I’d waited a bit more it probably would have been double that but as usual I was getting antsy and was afraid it would go the other way and I’d loose it. That’s going to be my mantra do get greedy, take the smaller profit, tomorrow is another day to trade!

And then I placed another play on the SPY going up. Will see how that goes. Today the market is all over the place. This trade is good till Friday, fingers crossed.

Nothing else is doing much today. GOLD has been up and down. It’s at least been going up steadily the last couple of weeks. Really hopping by the time the option expires in June I’ll be in the green.

Chance of showers today, but so far there is more sun than clouds. Should go home and do some outside work.

M got the care fixed and inspected. Thank God. At least he won’t get picked up for the car being uninspected. And that’s a load of mom’s mind.

A. actually called mom on Sunday to wish her a Happy Mothers Day. We were all there so got to say hello. She said something to me about it being a bummer that she didn’t get to see the boys. I asked her if they at least called her and she said the L. did, nothing about A. I’m guessing that there is some anger there about her leaving them with dad. I’m actually surprised that she didn’t smarten up sooner. According to what she told mom a couple of weeks ago she and M. talk more now then when they were living together. Time will tell how this plays out. She’s back to working at a bar, not sure if it’s the one she was at before. Sounds like she is waitressing and they’ve had her tending bar too. Hopefully she is making enough money to live or at least help her brother out since she is living with him. Which I thought he was still in the service but I’m guessing not. I don’t believe there is any place around there that has an army base. Oh well she’s an adult and mother and can make her own decisions. Of course I’m curious as to what happened that made her leave. Noisy me!

M. is at the nieces for the week to help get everything ready for the baby. (eye roll) Don’t remember doing all this stuff for any of the others when they were getting ready to drop one, but it’s C. and she is the special one. She lives for this stuff and she gets to see the little man. I told her this morning he would be a happy that TeTe was home. She’s there so often that he thinks she lives with them and is very upset when she leaves. LOL. even though he spent a week with her and Gram. OH well it makes her happy to help.

Time to get to work! LOL!


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