Last day of the month, and pay day to boot! Ye Ha!

Finally broke the 20 LB plateau I’ve been sitting on. Weigh in the AM was 21.4 LB lost! Yeah! Took over 3 months, but I’m not 25 any more so it’s not as easy as it was back then. Now if I can only keep the momentum going.

My problem is there are to many weight loss solutions out there. I’m always thinking the next one will work better. It won’t, I’ve tried them all. So far the lessons on Noom seem to be working. Some of them I’ve read and been huh….and been there and done that, but then I read one that makes a light bulb in my head go on. Those are the ones that I’ve been trying to stick too. There are things that they point out and I’m hum I do that, huh. Striving to not fall back to all my old bad habits, will se how it goes.

Still find myself looking for J’s truck. Hadn’t seen it for a long time, low and behold I meet him yesterday coming back from my dentist appointment. Which was about 5:00 PM which means he must have the night off. Heading down town. I’d bet money he’s got a new girlfriend that lives in that direction. I’ve seen him a couple of time going that way. It’s not like he would be shopping since he would do that after he got out of work. Worst part is that I can’t stalk him on any social media since he doesn’t believe in it. I’ve tried checking out the nephew but only saw one pic that had him in it. Not sure why I care. After I saw the truck yesterday I was thinking that I should right him a letter. Maybe it would give me some closure, or not.

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