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Shutter Bug
1 min readJan 13, 2023

Wed, hump day. (Mike, Mike, Mike!)

OK couldn’t resist. I wonder, 20 years from now will people still remember that commercial. Maybe! I still remember that Wed is Prince Spaghetti Day! LOL!

Had an E bay sale for yarn this weekend. Mail on Monday. I really have to wonder about some of the people that shop E bay. So, I got a message about an item I have for sale. Customer wanted to know if I would take the asking price and pay the shipping. They said that there are others that are new and listed for less the $100 bucks with free shipping. OK then go buy one of them, right. I just ignored the message and didn’t reply. Everyone knows that people add the shipping into the cost when they say free shipping. Not the first time I’ve had a weird request from someone in regard to a sale.

What I’m reading, well I’ve almost finished it. Night Work by Nora Roberts. I can’t decide if I really like it or not. I like the story premise but she’s kind of changed the way she laid it out story wise. It’s from the guy's perspective, which she has done before, but there’s a lot less character interaction than in some of her books. I’m getting to the end, and it’s picked up the pace again. They villain is about to get his dues!

Got rid of the grey’. Not that there is a lot of hair to color. Sigh. Oh well.

Had cereal for dinner.




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