JE 01.18.2023

Another Wed. Another slow day at work. But we have pizza for work lunch today so that makes it a better day! Everything is better with pepperoni!

Spent an hour on the bookcase at the house yesterday afternoon. Have a whole bunch of boxes that need to be moved to our house. E bay sale stuff. Mom had all sorts of cake decorating books. Some of them are really old. What are the odd that I can sell them if I can’t find them listed or sold. I wonder. We always just sell stuff that we find pricing for ~ but why can’t we try to sell something and put a price on it. I’m going to try it. Can’t hurt.

Was a lazy slug last night. Did nothing. Didn’t do anything at the house. Didn’t do anything in E bay. Read and played games.

Tomorrow is another day.



Avid Photographer and Slightly Eccentric Shall We Say.

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