JE 02.01.23

Feb. first. Where did Jan. go.

Last year when I was doing my usual New Year’s weight loss resolution, I read this article about how you should have a plan before you just jump in and start. No “hey it’s Jan 1st time to lose weight”. Of course, last year I didn’t do that. So, this year I did. Will see how it works.

So, this morning I had a protein drink. I had another for dinner along with 2 cheese sticks. I didn’t feel hungry, yeah!

Did 10 mins on the elliptical at level 2. My plan there is to do 10 min everyday till the 11th. I will then increase my time by 1 min for every day. Next month I’ll start all over again except I will go to level 3. I did this last year and it worked good till I came down with this head cold thing that lasted two weeks. I do good as long as I get started and set in a rhythm. Once the rhythm is broken it’s hard to get back at it. I will prevail this time.

Spent most of the weekend doing E bay stuff to sell more of mom’s stuff. I have a lot of pictures and a lot of items to list. I figure I’ll be doing it for the next year. If the house sell G and I figure all the money from any sale will be ours since we are doing all the work. It’s a lot but it’s not like I have any kind of life….hahahahaha.



Avid Photographer and Slightly Eccentric Shall We Say.

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