JE 05.28.22

Went to work today. G or M will call if there is any change in mom.

M talked to W this morning and let him know what was what. Not sure what he’s going to do. Come up, not come up. He has all the facts so I guess he needs to decide if he wants to say good bye in person or remember her from last Sunday when he saw her last.

Got the mail after work, same as usual. No mom to deliver it to though.

Headed to the hospital. G and M were there. Been there most of the day. There we sit waiting.

The nurse that was on the day shift with her was really nice. She said that she had experience with this from work and personal. She was off at 7:00. The new nurse that came in didn’t give me the warm and fuzzies but it is what it is.

I left to go home and eat. M left a little before me. G was going to hang for a bit more. Got home cooked my pizza. Waited, no G. It was coming up on 8:30 when she finally got home. She had left just a few min. after me and meet W coming up the hill to the hospital. She went back and went to mom’s room with him.

It’s probably good that he came.

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