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2 min readJun 14, 2022

We said good-bye to mom today.

The day started out like the last three. Some how all 4 of us end up there together even though we said we wouldn’t all be there at once. We’ve probably talked more in the last 4 days then we have in the last 4 months. I’m sure mom would be rolling her eyes at our conversations. (the hospital personal probably have if they have heard half of what we’ve been saying.)

W had to leave about 3:30 to head home, work on Tuesday. The three of us got quite and were doing stuff on our tablets or reading. Not a lot of conversation going on. Mom’s breathing started to change. Maybe she thought she was finally alone, maybe when W said good bye to her that told her it was time to go.

She took her last breath at 4:20, just about an hour after W left. I don’t really remember how my dad looked when he passed. But I knew the minute she was gone. Her face lost all color and then the skin just got waxy looking.

We called the nurses. The doctor on call came in and called it.

It’s really strange to think that, as G said, were no orphans.

Everyone at the hospital was great. We sat with her for about 15 min. We decided that M should wait to call W till he got home. M says I’m a rock. He and G were crying on and off, nothing wrong with that, I just don’t do it.

Till I went to the house to close up. (trying to make it look like there was someone there) I sat in the drive and looked at the house knowing that she wasn’t going to ever be there again when I walked though the door. Really made it hit me. Might have been one of the hardest things I’ve done was to walk through that door. No mom no dad, no home.



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