JE 06.30.22

It’s been a month to the day since mom passed away. So much has happened in that time.

Her service was on the 25th. It end up being really nice. We did a good job even though she didn’t want anything but a grave side service. (Sorry mom that didn’t happen, it was hotter than hell and we all would have melted if you had done it outside. It was warm in the church but at least there were fans).

I was in charge of pictures and music. G and M had picked out a couple of songs, plus she wanted When the Saints Go Marching In played. So I had to buy a couple of the songs on Amazon since I couldn’t get them to copy off the CD’s we had. (I’m guessing there is some kind of safety measure on them to block that from happening.) Since we were having it in the church I could take our speakers from home (come to find out the church had some all set of that I could use). So I loaded them to my tablet…or I thought I did. When I got to the church there were only two down loaded. Ha! Contingency plan I also brought my lap top. (I brought the lap top to play the CD that my Uncle had produced of his sax music that my mom listened to all the time (her brother). Ended up using both the tablet and the laptop and my Uncle played two songs on his sax. My mom would have loved that he played When the Saints Go Marching In on his sax for her. Best send off ever.

I made and decorated a cake and cupcakes using mom’s recipe. Cake tasted really good, but my decorating lacks her precision. Of course she did it for over 30 years and was a perfectionist. She had a closet in the house that filled with all things cake related. We found a folder of note and cards from people whom she’d made cakes for over the years thanking her for the beautiful and yummy cakes. They were from all over. It was really nice to read them and know that all her work was appreciated.

M made her urn. He carved a rose in the top of it. He’s wasn’t happy with it but everyone else loved it. He’s so talented. (dad’s had the Mason symbol on it). He made the edges look like a decorated cake.

Both my nieces showed up. Guess they felt like Grammy was more important than Grampy. Yes they were probably closer to her but still. Any way the youngest was helpfully and the oldest just showed up with the kids. (her outfit was a sight to behold. Looked more like she was going clubbing then to a funeral. Oh well she lives in the city, and kind of doesn’t have a clue most of the time.) But they were there. I’m sure my nephews were impressed with the small rural town. I’m sure they thought we were hicks when we made them help bury mom. ( hey we buried dad so we figured we had to do mom to. besides all we had to do was put her in the hole and fill it in.)

Put the feed bag on after the service. We had way to much food. G was worried but we had such a wide variety that everyone had plenty. Got to chat with the cousins that we never see but for funerals and weddings. Yup I took pictures. (did at dad’s).

All in all I think things went rather well. I think we did right by mom.



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