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Family Visit…..

So now that they have finished shooting and cleaning up in the village I can write about the “Beetlejuice 2” shenanigans!

Unfortunately, we were dealing with moms in the time frame that they were doing all the building in the village. I really wish that I had gotten pictures while they were doing the building on the house. I would have felt really guilty about taking the time on the weekends to go and take them. We were so far behind, and D-day was coming up. Oh well.

So, the family visit thing. W went to Illinois for A’s graduation and spilled the beans about them going to be filming in July. (We were all under orders not to tell anyone about what was going on. People in the village actually had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Any way we get this call from A after the graduation saying she the hubby and the boys were going to come from July 11th to the 16th. We were like really, well that’s nice, at the time we didn’t know that W had told her about the movie and filming. After we got done talking, I sent W a message asking if he told her about the movie. He was “yup”.

G and I were like, so they couldn’t come and visit mom before she passed away. They couldn’t come for dad’s funeral even though W would have paid for plain tickets if they wanted. But Beetlejuice comes to town, and they are all in and coming. Bitter, yes we are. M even bitched about it, cause for one thing they were going to be staying with him. My main issue will the whole thing with them not coming when dad died was that they couldn’t be there to support their father. They weren’t very close to dad, but their father just lost his dad, they should have come for him. Any way water under the bridge that we have damed up.

They got here on Wed the 12th. G and K actually went up and got to see some of the filming from the house. The guy that G had been dealing with in regard to the house being built actually told them that there wasn’t actually supposed to be any visitors on the set. They had production bands so that he wouldn’t get in trouble. K wasn’t allowed to take her camera. (Oh and they changed the days they were filming. They first schedule was for the 14, 15 and 16th, it was changed to the 11, 12 and 13th. They actually shot only for the 11th and 12th, according to A.P. they were still filming up till about 1 am on the 13th. The production guy sent G an email saying they got all the filming done on Wed. Actors went on strike at mid night on the 13th. so, they had all the filming done technically the day the kids arrived. (hehehehehehehe! yup me bad!)

A called-on Thursday wanting to know what we were up to. G and I were both going to the school to work. There was a sale coming up that weekend. That was the only time we heard from them. B came to and they all stayed at the river. M came up on Sat to get away from them. W actually got up early on Sat and went to the farm before any of them were up. They did go to the farm on Sat to see the house and hang out for a bit.

They never came up to the house to see me and G. Didn’t get another call or any text or anything. Oh well. Their loss. We have always been the ones to go where they are. Nope not anymore. Course I’m screwed since being the youngest I’ll probably be the last one standing and not having any of my own kids to take care of me in my old age….neither one of them probably won't.

As W would say it is what it is.



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