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Shutter Bug
2 min readJul 28, 2022

Every time I’m here I say I’m going to make sure that I write something everyday. To bad that my follow through is so lame.

To many books to read. To many games of Woodoku to play. To many distractions!

Spent the weekend taking pictures of stuff at the house that we figure we can sell on E-bay. Sat I was going to take pics, but got distracted with looking up record albums. Unfortunately there was no treasure that would bring in the big bucks! Did find this really old stylist for cleaning records that I found on E-bay that sold for around $89.00 bucks. Found a few other things that surprisingly are more than I figured. Fountain Pens, sewing scissors you just never know what’s going to be worth a lot or worth nothing.

Frustration rains on the new “app” on the computer that opens when I download pics off the camera. They old one would create a folder, that was dated. This one just keeps downloads to a new format and the picture folder on the computer just has each picture listed instead of a folder. And I’m not smart enough to figure out if I can have the folder created when I download them. Right now I’m creating a folder and moving the pictures into it.


There was pulled pork at work for lunch. I loaded up my plastic container from breakfast and wrapped up some rolls….instant dinner. Of course I got enough for G too. It was yummy, especially when I added a little Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce, zipped it up!

Something weird going on with the computer. I don’t know what G keeps doing to it but last night it was slower than death and things wouldn’t open up. There was this weird error that came up. First time I just canceled out of it. It came up again and I aborted it and stuff seemed to work better.

Well time for bed.



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