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Shutter Bug
2 min readAug 2, 2023

Seven down, five to go. Year seems to be flying right by.

Mowed the lawn after work. Took them last Ebay sale to the post office. I also had M’s Christmas box all set to go. Yesterday I forgot the box and today I forgot to put my credit card back in my bag. So the box still sits in my car. Hopefully I get it in the mail tomorrow.

Leg is feeling better tonight. Probably should call the doctor. Started using some aspirin to see if it would help. Not sure if I should mix aspirin and Advil but they both seem to help. Will see how I sleep tonight. Thought about just going to the walk in clinic too.

Big news tonight is Trump’s inditement. Nothing is going to happen to him. Not sure why they are actually trying it. G said he was going to be the only President to ever run the country from prison. Wild fires and hot weather are the second “hot” topics. We have finally gotten cooler. I actually put on a long sleeve shirt tonight. Arms were getting chilly.

What I’m reading now. Jagger by Amanda McKinney part fo the Steele Security Series, this one is book 5. If you like a little intrigue, a hot alpha hero and a sexy heroin she writes some good stories. First book I read of her’s was Rattle Snake Road. Really good story.

G’s off Hearding cats. School meeting is tonight.

Should go for a walk since the sun has come back. Really thought that I was going to get rained on while mowing the lawn. Held off though and no the sun is back. Days are getting shorter again. Dang, I hate this time of year when we lose light instead of gaining it.

Watching old M A S H reruns. First season. The ones with Henry were the best ones. Never like the Charlies character.

Time for bed….hope I sleep better than last night.



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