JE 08.04.22

Welcome to August. Summer isn’t over yet. Clocking in at 90 degrees and the air conditioner at work isn’t work efficiently today, nothing new there. Temp in the office is up to 79. Fans are running! Fun times. It’s either hotter than hell in here or freezing. Winter it’s only freezing!

So did the rest on the scale on Monday. New month, first day. So far so good. I’ve done the shakes for breakfast and dinner. Tues I had a peach as my fruit and last night I had watermelon. This mornings weigh in was only down .2 LB for a total of 4.6 LB for the week so far. Back to exercising daily also. I did skip my little morning work out today but will do the longer session when I get home this afternoon.

Was going to go work on books this afternoon, but I’m rethinking that now that the temp has reached over 90. The school will be way to hot, especially as the room I’m working in get afternoon sun. Sat is going to rain, thinking that is going to be a better option.

So going to head home and get some of moms stuff on E bay. Finally got some of the pictures edited. (really need to get a new short lens, there are some of the pics that are “fuzzy” because the focus on the lens didn’t work great.) There are a lost of pictures posted on E bay that are really poor quality so I didn’t redo them, but I do cringe a bit when I look at them. Just need to get them on and going. Also time to get in the house and start cleaning stuff out. G said she really didn’t want to do it, because that would mean she was really gone. I wasn’t very nice and said “she dead and not coming back, that’s just the way it is”. Like M saying we need to get a relator to the house. We need to clean some stuff out of there first, and he was we need to do it now and he can get on the phone on Monday, yeah that hasn’t happened yet, this was 2 weeks ago. W was up this weekend but was dealing with farm stuff so he wasn’t at the house. G and I were taking and he needs to take stuff that he wants. We have all kind of been doing that. Need to get in touch with the girls too and find out what they want. It was to early when they were here for the funeral to consider letting them take stuff.

Time marches on. Time to do something, don’t really want to heat the place through the winter.

90 + when I left work, but I still did my exercise.



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