JE 09.28.22

Three days back from vacation and I want to go again. Why do vacations days go so much faster than work days? Is there some kind of speed up in the space time continuum?? when the Universe knows that you are on vacation?

Well any way. Maine was great. Weather could have been a little warmer, but I wasn’t at work so……..

As usual it was great to see M. Unfortunately she headed home to a hurricane. Going to make land sometime today. She is going to get a lot of rain and wind. Unfortunately her brother D is going to be about 10 miles away from where the eye is going to come ashore. Sending prayers and positive energy they way. He’s super outfitted for these kind of things, but you just never know what’s going to happen.

Started my exercising again. 10 min on level 3 to start. Coming the first of the month I need to get back on the healthy eating train. Vacation is over and I didn’t do so good about maintaining my weight. Yup gained.

PM up date on the hurricane. Lots of wind and rain. Hoping that they keep the power, so far so go. Rest of the family is doing good, even though D was pretty close to where it’s going to make landfall. I’m sure that M won’t sleep tonight.



Avid Photographer and Slightly Eccentric Shall We Say.

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