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1 min readNov 4, 2023

My plan to turn over a new leaf is to write every day, even if it’s nothing of significance. Here we go.

First snow of the year. Yuck. I know, I know I live in New England it snows here. Which I’m fine with, I just wish it didn’t snow on my driveway or the roads. Is that really too much to ask??? It’s stopped now and didn’t amount to anything that will have to be shoveled, thank God. Which bring up my next topic:

Exercise is next on list of doing daily. Even if it’s not a lot. Just something to get the blood pumping and the oxygen flowing.

My biggest hurdle is getting back into doing it. If I keep doing it daily then I will continue doing it, if I stop then I have no problem talking myself out of doing it.

Evening update:

Had a protein drink for supper. Did 13 min on the elliptical at level 3. Did my 100 steps on it in the morning also. They say that even just a couple of min keeps the fat burning for a couple of hours.

NO Alcohol ~ Day 1.

Photo By Author

Smoke from the Canadian Wildfires July 2023 ~ My front yard view.



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