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3 min readNov 17, 2023

Day off! Yeah! This Friday is going better than last Friday, which I also had off, but the power went out at 7 am and wasn’t back until almost 3 pm so didn’t get much done. I should be doing stuff around the house now but wanted to write something. I’ve been lax.

So, A called last night to tell us that she was finally going to have her wedding. Lets do some math. A graduated from high school this year. They were married right after she graduated from high school and she was pregnant by Oct, A was born the next year in Sept. 2005. Next year will be their 20th anniversary. She wants it at the farm and wants it outside with evening ware and lawn games. This should be interesting. I’m sure by the time it rolls around next year she will have a different idea. (G yelled A.S. should make the cake, I was no I’m not making the cake!) A said she was going to have it catered. I said I would make some cupcakes of Grammy’s recipe but that was it. (did mom and dad’s 50th anniversary cake and that was the last big one I was ever doing!). We’ll see what happens.

There as an article on tracing your ancestry and it made me start thinking. If I picked out each family member, how would I describe them and how have they impacted my life. So, I thought I might start with my dad’s dad. Grampy J. I think I’m going to do it as a separate story. I have a hard time remembering stuff about my growing up years. There are thing that I remember right off but then my sister and brothers will talk about stuff from the past and I have no clue what they are talking about even though I was probably there.

Not going to make my goal of losing 20 LB by my birthday. Which is 10 days from now. I’d have to stop eating and work out 24/7 to do it and I just don’t have it in me. Am I disappointed in myself. Yup. Not sure why I can’t get in the grove and stick to what I tell myself every morning. When I get home from work it’s just the I don’t give a shit attitude instead of the you can do this attitude I start the day with. Some where there is a disconnect during the day.

I should come home and do stuff, but I don’t. I read or play games on my tablet. Eat, watch Jeopardy and go to bed at 9 pm to read some more. So many books and not enough time to read them all. (With what I have on my Kindel I could probably read of 3 months straight and not get them all read.) There is always some book that catches my eye and I’m “I want to read that!” and it gets downloaded.

Time to go and try to do a few things…..

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Photo of the day: My Grandmothers piano. We had to leave it behind when we sold the house. I don’t remember how long it took my Grandfather to save the money to get it for her but it was a lot of money back in the day. This is one thing I regret the most about selling the house I grew up in. There was just no place for it in our house. I told G we would make room if she really wanted it. She kept saying no. She tried to find someone who would buy it but they just aren’t worth that much. My Grandmother played a lot of music on that piano. I stood in front of her grave and told her I was sorry we didn’t find a way to keep it.



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