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2 min readNov 29, 2023

Happy Birthday to ME!

And welcome to batten down the hatches and getting serious about shedding some weight. I blew it with trying to lose 20 LB by my birthday. So today we start.

Did new weigh in this morning. Reset the scale. Did my morning 100 pumps on the elliptical. Got home from work and did 15 min at level 1.

Then G made me my birthday supper and I couldn’t really hurt her feelings. It was a good dinner. Baked chicken and Thanksgiving leftovers. Small scoop of stuffing, green bean casserole and roasted sweet potato. No desert! so no sugar. Probably ate to much but at least there was no alcohol and no sugar. I’ll take the win.

M called and we talked about a half hour. They had a good thanksgiving with most of the family. Opened my gift from her. I love her to death ~ BFF ~ but what she sent me was more something G would like. (Actually, she was really excited about it). Being as I’m not that into vegetables, which it looks like they would be what you would use it for when grilling. I was does she not really know me? Any way we will have to try it come warmer weather. I have to laugh she actually said that when she ordered it, she was “huh this might not really be a great birthday present since she won’t be able to use it till spring!”) I just laughed. There were also no instructions on how to use it. We think we figured it out. Will find out come spring!

Spent Sunday trying to move stuff out of the garage so that G can get her car in. Had to move the mower and the snowblower moved around. Started the blower and let it run a bit. We still have some tables that need to go somewhere, them and the grandmother clock. W helped us move the hutch in to the dining room on Sunday. G was “OK mom you got your way, the hutch is in the house.” It’s not too bad in there. Did have to take the print off the wall though. She’s got it all figured out on what she is going to do with it, I’m just “whatever.” She’ll just do what she wants with it any way.

Need to work on the E Bay stuff when I get home, after my work out. (yup writing at work!) Wi fi has been out for the last two days. No music! We yesterday there wasn’t. I brought my second tablet in today that has music downloaded on it. It would have been fixed already if it was the cooperate account.



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