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2 min readDec 27, 2022

Well it’s over for another year!

Only have to get through New Years and a new chapter in my life will start. Well technically it’s already started but the Holiday’s cement it. Life without both mom and dad.

You know in the back of your mind it’s coming. They can’t live forever. You age, they age. One day you look at them and their old. How did that happen? Then in a blink they are gone. (well dad was gone 5 years ahead of mom but you get the gist.)

First it was Thanksgiving. Boy is there a story there. (septic backed up at our house Thanksgiving morning.) Good thing we all procrastinate and still had mom and dad’s house. Everything was moved there. G and I were the last to leave. Closed up the house. We both were thinking the same thing. That’s the last Thanksgiving we will ever have there. It was a moment.

Then yesterday was the first Christmas without both. We’re now a family of 5. Us four kids (LOL) and A.P. The circle gets smaller and smaller. Her being 92 mean we will be 4 probably in another 10 years. (she a spry old girl and I’m betting will live to at least 100).

Will all of us kids still be around when that happens. Who knows, she might outlive us all!

It was still a nice day. As usual we had some odd gifts for everyone. G did better than me this year. I coped out and only got one little gift for everyone and gave them money. I made their cards from old photos of each of them in black and white. They all thought they were nice. I need to convert all the slides to disc. I really wanted to use old Christmas photos but we really didn’t have as many of us kids in the old photo albums. I’m sure there are more in the slides. (winter project!)

M cooked the prime rib roast and brought it to the house. He did a good job. He also brought a potato casserole and made an attempt at Gram J’s rolls. (his came out better than the batch I made….course if I hadn’t forgot to put the egg in they would have been great!)

Another one down….only 363 more days to go till we have to do it all over again.



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