JE 12.29.22

Yea! I have tomorrow off. So far this month I’ve had 6 days off. Use it or lose it. next year I’ll pay more attention to how much PTO time I’ve accumulated. I think it’s lame that we can only carry over 40 hours, 80 would be better. I’m always forget to check how much I have since I get basically 8 hours every two weeks. Now we also have 16 hours personal and 16 sick time. Why can’t companies leave well enough alone. I was so much better when we would get all our PTO the first of the year. Then you could plan out your days easier. They want us to take the time but you have the build it up before you can basically use any. Oh well.

B is supposed to come up today and stay with us tonight and then with her dad tomorrow night. Which he’ll be at the farm so she will have to go there. Then I’m guessing she will head to B for New Years Eve. Either her aunts or her friend’s house. I’m sure that she won’t spend sat night at the farm with dad and AP. Whatever, she’s young and were old fuddy duddies. LOL!

Boys worked in the barn on Tuesday, but not yesterday. They should have been up there everyday this week. They are the ones that were all hot and bothered to get the place sold. Well G went to the lawyers yesterday and he helped a lot with understanding the contract that the people that want to buy it submitted to us. There will be changes to it. What a mess. I’ll just keep plugging away at the stuff to sell on E bay and packing stuff up. B needs to take what she wants while she is here. We have a box for her and A that we have started for them. There will be more, but if she’s here she needs to take what she wants now.

Think I saw J truck at the florest yesterday. I don’t think it had the grate in the back like the other guy that has the same truck as him. Of course my brain goe to buying the girlfriend flowers. I’m sure he has one. I figure he had one already on the line when I stopped going up to see him. I stopped going up and he never bothered to stop and see me to make sure I was OK. We both kind of just let it go. I stopped a couple of times on his day off and he was gone. His mom didn’t know what he was up to. After the third time I got the hint and stopped stopping. And he never came to see me to find out what was going on. Guess I should have confronted him.

So was it him. Was he buying flowers for someone else. Why can’t I let it go. I keep thinking that I need to do the gypsy spell again to bring back a lost love. There were a few different ones…..I may have to try a different one. I did run in to him a lot more after I did the first one…….so maybe I just need to re do it. LOL!

Half hour to go. Then three day weekend!



Avid Photographer and Slightly Eccentric Shall We Say.

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