The Chains that Bind

18/100: The choices we make

Image Curtsey of Bing

She rolled over and reached for him. The bed was empty, the sheets cool to the touch. She sat up in the bed, no noise coming for the bathroom. A faint whimpering noise came to her as she rolled out of the bed. She moved out into the hall to check on the children. Opening each door she discovered all them all sleeping soundly. She headed down the hall, the noise grew louder.

Stopping at the kitchen doorway. She discovered her husband sitting at the kitchen table, muffling his sobs with one hand while holding their marriage certificate in the other.

Their anniversary was coming up. She felt a swell of love. Was this emotional scene due to his love for her? “Honey?” she questioned. “Are you all right?”

His head snapped around, he stared at her. Tears running down his face. “Do you remember when your dad caught us having sex?” he asked. “He said boy, marry my daughter or go to jail.”. “Yes I remember she replied.”

With a sob he told her “I would have been released today!”

His body was never found……….



Avid Photographer and Slightly Eccentric Shall We Say.

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